Unveiling the Leaders of the Texas Heart Institute

The Texas Heart Institute (THI) is a non-profit organization that was founded by the world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Cooley in 1962. It is devoted to providing the future of cardiovascular health through exceptional patient care, discovery, and a commitment to learning. To gain insight into who is leading this organization, it is essential to meet the people who are committed to doing The Next First in Cardiovascular Discovery. In the initial three episodes of Inside the Studio, Dr.

Rogers, executive director and president of the Texas Heart Institute, interviewed Grand Rounds speakers who visited the Institute. To spread knowledge beyond the walls of The Institute, Inside the Studio also presented interviews with special guests who visited the television studio of the Texas Heart Institute. The doctors at the Texas Heart Institute's Cardiovascular Care Center (formerly known as the Texas Heart Medical Group) specialize in all areas of heart care and peripheral vascular disease. Dr. Rogers is an internationally renowned and widely published opinion leader on heart failure, heart transplantation, and mechanically assisted circulation.

He has been training fellows at the Texas Heart Institute to become the next generation of leaders in the cardiovascular field. Before joining THI as president and CEO, he served as medical director at Duke University Health System (DUHS) in Durham (North Carolina). At DUHS, he was responsible for providing clinical and strategic guidance for all its clinical entities. His research focuses on clinical aspects of advanced heart failure, including pharmacological and electrical treatments for systolic heart failure, use of mechanical circulatory support devices, heart transplantation, and palliative care. The Texas Heart Institute is devoted to quality, research and discovery, and bold action to realize its vision of delivering the future of cardiovascular health today.

As it enters its seventh decade, it remains steadfast in its mission to improve cardiovascular health through pioneering research, thought leadership, education and patient care.

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